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How do I remove the cover?

Remove the four screws located on the outside of the case using a #1 phillips screw driver. Carefully rotate the case vertically onto it's front. With one hand on each side of the cover, carefully slide the cover straight off the chassis.

Where are the case feet installed?

Please refer to the product photos. Use the cover screws as a guide for front to back location (1/2 inch from the front/back). The L4 may also be used in a horizontal orientation.

What screws are included?

The included screws are standard computer case screws: (14) M3 Phillips Flat Head (cover, 2.5″ drives), (4) M3 Phillips Pan Head & (4) M3 Hex Nuts (expansion slot covers, power input adapter plate), #6-32 Phillips Pan Head (motherboard, distinguished by larger size and courser threads).

How do I mount 2.5″ drives to the chassis?

The standard mounting location for 2.5″ drives is located at the front of the chassis, and uses (2) M3 phillips flat head screws to mount to the flange. The included mounting plate may be used to stack a total of four 2.5″ drives together. Even when using a single 2.5″ drive, we recommend attaching it to your drive so that it is stored safely in your case. It can also help with cable management.