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Motherboard Support

  • Mini-ITX

Cooling Support

  • CPU cooler maximum height: 70 mm
  • CPU side vent for direct access to cool air
  • Mirrored top and bottom vents
  • Note: We recommend orienting CPU cooler fins parallel to font/back of L4

Storage Device Support

  • 4 x 2.5" internal drives
  • M.2

Expansion Slots

  • 2 x low profile (half height)

PSU Support

  • Plug-in DC-ATX with external AC-DC power adapter: Mini-Box PicoPSU, HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX, Kmpkt Dynamo Mini
  • IEC C14 power inlet support for internal AC-DC power supplies
  • Power input adapter supports: 5/2.5 mm, GX12, PicoPSU 4-pin, HDPLEX 7.4/5.0 mm

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: 225 x 94 x 216 mm
  • Volume: 4.6 L


  • Anodized aluminum
  • Made in Canada