G-Unique Arch Daemon DC-ATX

G-Unique Arch Daemon DC-ATX

The G-Unique Arch Daemon DC-ATX unit is a custom, built to order DC-DC converter produced in China. The Arch Daemon plugs directly into the 24pin ATX connector on your motherboard, and must be combined with an AC-DC power supply. G-Unique may be contacted by email. Typical lead time is about 4 weeks.

The specifications may be used when ordering an Arch Daemon for the L5:

  • CPU wiring (20cm, 4/8pin)
  • DC input wiring (30cm, 4pin DIN Kycon KPJX-PM-4S)
  • SATA wiring (optional, stubby 10cm connector, other)
  • Pin assignment matching your selected AC adapter

The Adapter Technology ATS200T-P120 (12V, 192W) available from Mini-box.com is reasonably priced, silent, and reliable. Rated at 192W it is suitable for most builds with a low profile GPU.

Disclaimer: Lone Industries is not affiliated with G-Unique and cannot provide any technical or sales support for their products.