G-Unique Arch Daemon

G-Unique Arch Daemon

$75.00 CAD (about $62.00 USD)

Note: We currently only sell the G-Unique Arch Daemon when purchased with the L5.

The G-Unique Arch Daemon is a custom made, direct plug DC-ATX that distributes power to your motherboard and devices. The Arch Daemon plugs directly into the 24pin ATX connector on your motherboard. It's powered by 12V DC using an external AC-DC power supply (sold separately).

The Arch Daemon sold here comes with wiring tailored to the L5. The modular DC input wiring allows change DC jacks without soldering. The modular SATA cable supports one 2.5" drive, and can be removed when not being used.

  • 12V input, 300W (200W with 4pin Power DIN)
  • 5V output: 12A
  • 3.3V output: 15A
  • -12V output: 0.1A
  • CPU wiring: 25 cm, 4/8 pin
  • DC input wiring: 35 cm, modular, 4pin Power DIN (Kycon KPJX-PM-4S)
  • SATA wiring: 1x modular
  • PCIe wiring: Available from G-Unique
External AC-DC Power Adapters

If you would like to order an Arch Daemon built to your own specifications, please contact G-Unique directly.